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Al-Ahram Weekly      
Syria's dividing lines: Syrians in Lebanon take one of two sides: those who reject Al-Assad's Baathist regime, and those who remain willing to negotiate with it. Waiting to vote: Lebanese politicians are fielding proposals to revise the voting system while the date for legislative elections remains uncertain. Syria's media war: As the battle in Syria rages on, the media has become a weapon to fight for.  
Circumventing censors: Censorship played a crucial role in Lebanon following the civil war, but now it is being challenged by rights groups who see free expression as the baseline of all rights. Lebanon strikes Islamist suspects: A deadly military operation in the town of Arsal may be the first of many in Lebanon. Flight next door: Many Syrians have moved to Lebanon to escape the conflict in their country, but not all of them are facing the harsh life of the refugee.  
Unrest mounts in south Lebanon: A young Egyptian died in the crossfire of a recent shooting in the southern city of Saida between local Salafis and supporters of Hizbullah. Lebanon still languishing: The Arab Spring seems to have passed over Lebanon, with sectarian tensions remaining high and the government still unable to get much done. Getting the picture: Visualising Palestine combines images and facts with a message of social justice to tell a different story of Palestinians than mainstream media.  
Uneasy balance: The Lebanese government maintains the status quo through the backing of Walid Jumblatt, while the US and its allies make plans. Left with nothing: Syrians often played host to refugees fleeing violence and persecution. Today, they are the ones displaced as war wages in their country. Clashes in Tripoli as government falls: The government in Lebanon collapsed this week following disagreements with Hizbullah, leading to street clashes in Tripoli.  
Lebanese killing fields: Lebanon could be closing a dark chapter of assassinations, or the latest victim could be the start of a protracted conflict. Instability rocks Lebanon: A series of kidnappings, killings and the threat of bombings have pushed Lebanon to the brink of total instability. About face: Lebanon requests aid for Syrian refugees after calls made by Hizbullah's Nasrallah. But can the country resolve its own internal political divisions?  
Democratic doubts: Parliamentary elections are approaching in 2013, but Lebanese politicians are fighting over electoral laws, putting in question whether elections will be held at all.      



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Resources vs expertise: Search for the right research culture: Research centres in the Middle East are not at the cutting edge of stem cell technology and individual scientists are fighting to keep up with their international peers. A Phoenician temple buried in the archives: A Phoenician temple site buried 40 years ago upon the outbreak of civil war is found by archaeologists. Planning for a Syrian refugees health crisis: Aid organizations are failing to deal with the rapidly increasing number of Syrian refugees due to poor long-term planning.
A health crisis without borders: The desperate plight of Syrians fleeing conflict does not end when they escape to Lebanon. Lebanese hospital safety culture questioned: A survey of health professionals in Lebanon shows that reporting of safety breaches is undermined by a culture of fear. Research programme to help vulnerable dryland farmers: The Dry Systems programme launched last week in Amman aims to help farmers exposed to the effects of climate change.
The nuclear players in the Arab world: Four Arab countries have their eyes set on using nuclear energy to generate electricity, but various hurdles may slow their programmes. Generators compounding public health risk in Lebanon: Widespread use of diesel power generators degrading air quality. Palestinian refugees struggle to survive: Surveys raise concerns about living conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip and access to healthcare and food.
EU's IDEAL programme to support Lebanese researchers: IDEAL will help Lebanese universities secure grants, manage projects and market innovative research. An ear for history: How a fish's early life can help determine its future: Analysing ear-bones to track fish from juvenile to adults opens marine conservation opportunities. Fears over dangerous food contamination in Lebanon: A study from Lebanon indicates acute food contamination, prompting calls for legislation to outlaw unhygienic practices.
Roman building wrongly identified as Phoenician port: An archaeological site earmarked for development in downtown Beirut has angered preservationists. Archaeologists suggest the site may have been wrongly identified in the first place.