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microbrews Baalbek GazaEyes

Microbrews spreading craft beer culture across the Middle East

Historic Lebanese hotel struggles amid conflict across the border

Street art exhibit "The Eyes of Gaza" on display in Amman

firas mykali graffiti

Syrian refugees make ends meet scaveging garbage

Glossy online magazine caters Arab LGBT community

Art collective brings color to the walls of Amman


AP Syrians


Sinkholes swallow the ground as Dead Sea dries up Syrian hopes passport will lead him to Europe Sea port threatens to damage virgin Lebanese coastline



















AJ+AJ+ series on Syrian refugee kids: Stories of education and employment
15-year-old works construction site to help support his family Young refugees spend spare time learning in community center Two kids in and out of school, both with dreams for the future
Independent videos    


Syrian refugee teens gain confidence by learning the art of capoeira


Climate change in Jordan (in production): A stark picture for the little water left



Women and children discuss fleeing the violence of Syria


The Path to Tahrir- Protest march leads to iconic square in the beginning of Egypt's 2011 Uprising


Beirutis protest against government's weak stance on combating rape


Reviving an old neighborhood in Lebanon: an examintation of unused public space in the capital


Libyan anti-rape advertisement: Encouraging men to support the females in their lives


Palestinians and supporters get to the border in Lebanon but are stopped by Israeli troops



Faith, Prevention and Suffering: HIV/AIDS and Christianity In this documentary I used a children’s board game as a springboard to discuss the challenges Christians and Christian organizations when they attempt to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS and to assist those who are infected.

The challenges include issues of human sexuality and the socio-economic conditions exacerbating the spread of the disease, and also the condemnation of homosexual activity and the opposition to condom use. The stigma attached to the disease, however, could be the most comprehensive and difficult dilemma. It stems from a complex psychological fear of the unknown, an aversion to people who are different, and the fundamental drive for self-preservation. Those addressing the disease believe how churches deal with this crisis could determine its viability as a public institution in the 21st century. It was screened at Northwestern University in 2005 and later viewed with a panel discussion and town hall meeting in Chicago for World AIDS Day.

Faith, Prevention & Suffering: HIV/AIDS and Christianity in the US

Staying motivated and inspired as a freelancer Nabbesh simplifies freelancing in the Middle East  







A Syrian refugee's journey for BBC radio

Radio stories as a Washington correspondent for Aspen Public Radio:

Democrats threaten with filibuster

Three-way land swap planned

Federal grants given to faith groups

Anti-marijuana campaign launched

Austrian-American Jew Reflects on WWII, Part I

Austrian-American Jew Reflects on WWII, Part II


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